Tie Right ~ネクタイの結び方を解説!結ぶ人視点のパターンと自分で結ぶパターンをアニメーションでわかりやすく紹介してくれるぞ!~



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**With over 2 million downloads thanks for making Tie Right the the #1 business app in over 30 countries. ** 

- 6 distinct necktie knots.
- Top Down (first person) perspective.
- Head On perspective.
- Step by step instructions.
- Daily Style Tips.

“A well tied tie is the first serious step in life.” – Oscar Wilde. And Tie Right makes that first step much easier. 

Tie Right eliminates the need for a mirror and offers simple step by step illustrations on six(6) of the most popular and handsome necktie knots known to man.
Tie Right also offers two distinct views, each one giving you a unique perspective to ensure that your knots are perfect every time.

The traditional ‘head on’ view provides step by step illustrations of every loop and every pull from the front on as if you were looking in a mirror.

The ‘top down’ view provides a first person perspective of every step in the knot. This first person view shows you just what you see as you look down at your necktie, no reversing images in your mind, no looking in a mirror. A monkey in a suit could figure this out.

In addition to the necktie tutorials Tie Right also offers a ‘Tip of the Day’ for your sartorial edification. If you don’t know what sartorial means just wait (it’s one of the tips). Every day you will get a notification informing you of a different tip, displayed at random so it won’t be the same as anyone else’s (well probably someone else’s but chances are you won’t know them). 

Tie Right is simple, to the point and there when you need it. “With an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stock broker, can gain a reputation for being civilized.” - Oscar Wilde (who often said memorable things about neckties, or so it would seem).

【レビュー】 おすすめ度 ★★★★☆





今回ご紹介する『Tie Right』は、ネクタイの結び方を6種類紹介しているiPhoneアプリ

このアプリのオススメ点は、「Head On(結ぶ人目線)」と「Top down(自分で結ぶ目線)」を1タップで切り替えできるようになっているところ!

「Head On」なら、結ぶ人目線のため全体像を見ながらチェックできますし、「Top Down」なら自分でネクタイを結ぶときの目線でチェックできるんです!

「Head On」 : 図解アニメーションで一連の流れを自動再生できる!
「Top down」 : 実際に人が結んでいる視点&動画で自動再生できる!



是非この機会に『Tie Right』をダウンロードして、一度チェックしてみてください!

アプリ名:Tie Right
容量:20.0 MB
開発者:Esoteric Development
対応機種:iOS 4.3 以降。iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。 iPhone 5 用に最適化済み

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